Manna's Accomplishments

Praise to God for all his worderful doings! With little advertising of Manna, great things are being accomplished around the world. To God be the glory!

Dear Fred,

Thank you for your Manna devotionals.I am enjoy reading your Manna devotionals.I copied these papers and handed out also to my friends. Although the e-mail costs are very expensive, I printed them out because of very inspiring. Please continue to send me when they are available.

I have received pound 400 from Manna Publications (UK) . I am now printing the Manna books Mark 1s. Remittance from the UK to the Myanmar is very good and very safe. So, if you have to send me your money for my publishing of your first book translated into Khumi dialect, entitled: "HEALING FOR A BROKEN HEART," you are always welcome to remit via the UK group. There has not been a problem for the remittance via the UK.

Hope to hear from you soon.