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Unit or Group Studies Free and Ready to Download

Group Studies - also known as Unit Studies, are books that can be used in small group settings, or classes, or also for a progressive, personal study through sections of the Bible. You can add knowledge little by little and grow in understanding of God's Word.

Abram, Friend of God!
- 18 unit studies

1 & 2 Peter
1 and 2 Peter - a Unit Study

Adam to Noah - a Unit Study for groups
Adam to Noah - a Unit Study

Eve - a study book
Eve - a Bible Study

The Story of David - Part 1
The Story of David - Part 1
- a Bible Study

Hezekiah - a Bible Study

in Paul's Letter to the Romans - Part 1
Paul's Letters to Romans
- Part 1
- A Unit Study

Remember, you may download these books to use for the glory of God, without paying for them. (Left-click to open in your PDF reader, or right-click to save the file to your computer). Please do drop us a note, if you are going to print and publish for distribution in your own ministry.

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