Support Manna Publications
in Four Ways

Yes, there is more than one way to help Manna Publications get sound Bible teaching out to needy Christians in the poorer countries - everywhere, in fact.

First, no ministry is effective if it is not saturated with prayer. If you would make room in your daily or weekly life to pray specifically for the work of Manna Publications, and the people who prepare the manuscripts, and then the distributors who get the books out to the people, and for the funds to print more and more of them, that would be a great big help! Thank you.

Secondly, if the Holy Spirit prompts you to contribute some money towards the expenses of this ministry, please do so. (We cover the first printing for each distributor's first supply of books).

You may also indicate what part of the world you would like your gift to be used in for ministry. We have much needy work beginning in the Spanish-speaking areas of Central and South America. There is quite a bit happening in the French-speaking African countries, and also our Manna for Children books all over the world. You may specify, if you wish, what area you are especially burdened to help.

As a 503 c non profit, gifts and donations are encouraged and may be sent to:
Manna Publications,
115 Cedarhill Ave., So.
Nyack, NY 10960.

Thirdly, you could play a key role in expanding the work of Manna by telling your friends and relatives about this ministry. You might do this by telling them in person, mentioning it in church, in your newsletter, when you are emailing your list of friends, and by adding a link on your website - if you have one - to this website and to our other website which has the manuscripts for the distributors to download.

We suggest a simple text link and description like these;
Manna Publications (US) - A ministry established to raise awareness in the USA, of need for Christian literature in overseas countries . Many groups have some part of the Bible in their language but no study guides to facilitate learning. Manna seeks to provide in the form of a self-help program where the Manna Distributor selects what is needed and we help them produce it in their own country - if they agree to sell the books and reserve some(50-60%) of funds for future printing.

Manna Publications (UK) - provides Bible commentaries that are easy to read and understand. These booklets are in ready-to-print form and can be downloaded in English and French. They are FREE and suitable for use by pastors, teachers and students. They may also be used by churches, colleges and missions to print and publish and sell their own Christian literature. Western culture/jargon has been removed and religious terms explained so the books are suitable for any culture and are easily translated.

(Use our contact form to ask for help if you are not able to do this easily).

Fourthly, you can be a distributor yourself of our simple Read-and-Color books. Download the PDF files, print them out and staple the pages together to make coloring books for children in your Sunday School class, or DVBS, or children's club, even for your grandchildren or the ones you babysit.

Please let us know if you can think of other ways to help and bless Manna Publications, and to serve our Lord with joy and gladness of heart. If you use our books in any way, we love to get photos and hear about your work in this way.