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About Fred Morris the Founder
of Manna Publications

Fred Morris the Founder
"Late last year in a Christian Seminar I bought the book "Beginnings, Genesis 1-11" by Mr Fred Morris. This book blessed my soul by the deep exposition in it.... Our church is young and without a Bible expositor; therefore your help will go a long way in supporting our spiritual growth."

This testimony from Kenya is an example of feedback from booklets written by Australian-born missionary Fred Morris published under the imprint of Manna Publications. Now retired in the USA, God had called Fred to meet the needs of literature-starved believers in the countries he had visited as a missionary. It was his experience that churches were growing faster than trained pastors could provide sound foundational teaching. His vision was to provide low-cost, easy-English, self-teaching Bible commentaries for new converts where there was a shortage of teachers and teaching material.

By the year 2000, Fred had completed his task of writing commentaries on all the books of the Bible and turned to mission volunteers in the UK who had easy-English experience through working with Commonwealth countries. Manna Publications (UK) was set up in October 2000. In the first four years of the UK operation, 12 countries in three continents printed 100,000 copies from 55 separate printings. God made this possible through prayer partners and sympathetic friends who provided the funds and through part-time volunteers who added value to the commentaries through their Bible knowledge and skill with words and page layout.

Author Fred Morris, now in advanced years, has seen his former missionary work grow and blessed by God in ways that he could never have imagined. Fred is now President ermeritus of Manna Publications, USA Corporation.
Chris Carlisle, is the Current President.
Jeanette Frederick, is the Treasurer
and Scott Robidoux, is the Secretary, and also the Chairman of the Board.

Fred Morris passed away September 13, 2018. A brief obituary is found here: Obituary of Alfred Morris....

MORE. . . The Life of Fred Morris: Navy Boy to Missionary, was published earlier in 2018. We offer you a short condensation from that book in PDF format - The Life of Fred Morris
Also, you may read his own account on how Fred Became a Publisher - From an article published by Cook International, November 2008

As a 503 c non-profit, gifts and donations are encouraged and may be sent to:
Manna Publications,
436 Sandlewood Dr NW,
Carolina Shores, NC 28467-1850.

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