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The late Fred Morris has written a good number of Bible commentaries. These are available for you to download to view and to print out. You can do this with your personal printer to make a booklet just for yourself, or take the camera-ready pages to a local printer to have more copies made so that you can distribute them.

Most of our publications are available right on this site for you to download. If you want to see the most up-to-date list, use our Contact form to request a more current list, or to ask to be notified when a title is available in your preferred language.

These are Bible resources and study guides in easy to read, and easy to translate books. They are great for pastors and church leaders, or others who teach about the Christian's Bible and life.

You may freely download and print for your personal study these books.

These books are copyrighted by Fred Morris, the author, but if you wish to distribute them to others, please use the contact form to request special permission if you wish to translate, and/or print quantities to distribute these books.

We encourage this, but want to know who is using our books. We would also be pleased to hear if they have especially helped or blessed you.

We are dividing them into several categories:

Spanish Commentaries

Group Studies



Meaning of . . . Key Bible Words/Phrases

Manna for Youth


     Manna for Children


A simple four page newsletters was produced to announce the formation of Manna Publications as Manna Matters This first issue will tell you about the mission and how it was formed.

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As a 503 c non-profit, gifts and donations are encouraged and may be sent to:
Manna Publications,
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Carolina Shores, NC 28467-1850.


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