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Your books been inspiring, challenging and uplifting. They have made a tremendous impact in my Christian Life. Please keep it up. (Chingola) May God bless you and all of Manna family. It is no accident that God has a book ministry plan for you. Manna is a perfect way to impart the things of the Spirit which have enriched me as a woman . I am reading the Manna books I bought. I am hungry and thirsty for more of God. I love you. (Woman Evangelist)

"Your book ministry has fully equipped me with very excellent weapons to overcome the devil. God is so great that He chose you to accomplish this wonderful work by feeding his sheep through Manna Publications. The material in the books is so real and full of life. Please keep on "J.C"

A Nurse, a widow and pastor all of Mufulira have this to testify. "We can't go to town without passing this book stand. Your books have enabled us to grow spiritually from one degree to another" Please keep it up.

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