Overseas Operations

Aims and Methods of
Overseas Operations:

Manna Publications helps to meet the need for Bible study commentaries by:

  • 1. Arranging publishing partnerships with Christians, missions or churches
  • 2. Supplying electornic copies (text with pictures) to trusted contacts
  • 3. Helping to pay for the first printing, done locally, at the point of need
  • 4. This enables the local distributor to sell at affordable prices
  • 5. Encouraging the local distributor to put 50-60% of money from sales back into printing more books

To achieve these goals
Manna Publications:

  • 1. Prepares text free of western idiom, jargon, culture and stories
  • 2. Provides easy-to-read copy in English suited to any culture
  • 3. Provides a business model and helps for translators
  • 4. Encourages local production to give distributors on-the-job training and stimulate local economies
  • 5. Fosters an ownership environment where the distributor owns and operates his or her own Christian publishing business
  • 6. Establishes an indigenous, evangelical Christian literature ministry overseas