Objectives inn the Manna Publications Ministry

Arranging publishing partnerships with overseas Christians, churches and missions, Manna Publications can help to meet the need for teaching material in the following ways:

  • Supplying ready-to-print pages (text with pictures) to trusted contacts overseas;
  • Helping to pay for the first print runs locally, at the point of need;
  • Thus enabling the distribution for sale at affordable prices;
  • And encouraging profits to be ploughed back into printing more copies for sale.
To this end we:
  • Prepare teaching material free of Western jargon, culture and idioms;
  • Provide easy-to-read material that is suitable for any cultural background;
  • At the same time make it easy to translate into local languages and dialects.
In so doing,
  • We use easy English to encourage those who wish to improve their education;
  • We generate employment and income for printers and distributors who sell our books;
  • We establish a biblical attitude towards work that is self-supporting while developing an evangelical ministry.