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Bible Teaching for Everyone (Spiritual Manna)

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Manna Publications exists to promote Bible Study in developing nations by providing free Bible commentary booklets for distributors to print and publish locally at affordable prices, so they can be available to many more people. Our 40-page booklets are written by the late Fred Morris, former missionary in Asia, Africa and Jamaica.

You may download and print these books for your personal use, or take them to a local printer and have a number of copies made to distribute to the people you are reaching in your ministry. Some of our publications are available on this site for you to download. If you want to see the most up-to-date list, visit the website at

This site is established to raise awareness in the USA of the need for Christian literature in overseas countries. Many language groups have some part of the Bible in their language but few Bible teaching commentaries in Worldwide Easy English. Manna seeks to provide in the form of a self-help program where the Manna Distributor selects what is needed and we help them produce it in their own country. They agree, where possible, to sell the books and reserve some of funds for future printing.

Download our publicity article here.

Manna for Children

Manna for Children (brochure'23)

In 2007 and 2008 we added Manna for Children to our list of publications. Several titles have been produced and translated into as many as eight languages. Very postive results are coming back from field tests as our photos show. Manna for Children is produced by Lorna Morris, the late wife of Manna Publications author, Fred Morris.

Reports came in on very successful distributions, especially of the Christmas Read-and-Color books for children in the month of December. More have followed from various countries.

You may see a report HERE on three of these instances.

More news and downloads of these childrens books is on this site now! Go to Manna for Children to see them.

We have a brochure you may download and print out to pass on to others and let them know about Manna for Children. You may print it out and hand out the brochure to your friends or others who ought to know about Manna for Children.

Pastor Timothy Osinlu of Nigeria, says this of FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT:
"Thank you for the excellent and powerful book you sent to me (From darkness to light). It is a great treasure. It is more precious than gold and silver. It is not too hash at all. It is a plain truth. It is what is really going on in Nigeria.

The book will surely meet the spiritual needs of millions of Nigerians and I pray that it will spread to other West African Countries. Thank you for making such a book available to us. Thanks be to God for the life of late Pastor Timothy Chilufya. Although he had died, he is still teaching and preaching God’s precious word."
Timothy Osinlu

Another report from Ethiopia:
One "by-product" is that your efforts serve as an example to the teachers - and the older students themselves - of the possibility of becoming authors in the same way. We have computers and scanners and photocopiers, so it's just a matter of making the decisions to become authors and producers of our own materials. Thank you for that example. And thank you so much for making this valuable resource - Manna for Children - available to the teachers and therefore to the students of Bethel Mekane Yesus School.
Love and peace,
Bruce Whearty, Addis Ababa

More photos!

As a 503 c non-profit, gifts and donations are encouraged and may be sent to:
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Carolina Shores, NC 28467-1850.

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