Our Report on New
Manna Board Meetings

Fred and Lorna,
1130 Highlands Place, Apt 205
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

Monday 7th April was a busy day. The stress lifted for me the moment our daughter, Jeanette walked into the apartment. We were expecting local friends and supporters to come to a covered dish to meet the new Board.

Dining Services loaned me white table cloths. Maintenance had set the room for name tags, book table, seating for 30, and a table for drinks. Everything was going to plan except I switched on the commercial coffee urn at 4 P.M. but forgot to plug it in. Again, Jeanette to the rescue.

Two ladies saw to it that the tables were decorated with beautiful flower arrangements. Truly the Lord was in it all!

Dr. Carlisle who ministered to us in North Myrtle Beach was the MC for the evening and we all fell in love with him. We had each person sit beside a person they did not know - interview the person on the left - and finally bring a report on what they had learned. It was fun. Dr. Carlisle closed with prayer requests and gathered them all up before the Throne. It was like a spiritual retreat for me and we have so many to thank. Thank you.

Arvid Vandyke graciously went to Dulles Airport to get Rev. Roger Green (an old friend from Bible School days). Chairman flew into Charlottesville Airport and rented a van. Doug Weeks a talented editor from our Laubach days is Vice-Chair. Mike Allen came up from Charlotte, NC. His wife, Cyndi, has been sending out camera-ready copy (CRC) of our books for us for the past five years. Our friend and coworker, Doug Sensabaugh, set up his Power Point to show that evening. Fred tried to narrate the Power Point but he has no breath to tackle things like that anymore.

Next day the Board suggested Doug ultimately override the pictures with a voice and he has agreed to do that and make copies for everyone.

Tuesday April 8 was spent in a smaller room in this building, The Highlands. Dining Services again put a pretty skirt around a small table for the coffee and goodies to sustain us during the meetings. The day was full and we covered a lot of ground.

Fred had put together a folder in which he tried to outline what we had done and where we were at the moment. Just about every aspect of the work came up. Most of the world where Manna Publications are finding a ready acceptance was discussed. The torch is being passed to nine very talented, capable men and women of His choosing. Folks we have known and loved for a long time.

What did we talk about? Our legal status here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our urgent need to receive tax exempt status from the IRS. Fred called and found that they were processing the applications from last October. We did not file until the end of December, 2007. Please pray for favor in their eyes.

Fred needs a mentor to learn the nuts and bolts of Manna Publications.

Officers were elected. Secretary, Treasurer Etc... Financial policy decided.

Dr. Carlisle offered to write a new brochure we feel is badly needed.

Arvid acted as the official photographer and took many pictures for us.

1. Fast track for the issuing of our 501 c (3) Tax Exempt Status.

2. Until that is available we will need to continue receiving gifts from our supporting churches: Ocean Drive Presbyterian and First Presbyterian here in Harrisonburg. Mark the memo for Manna Publications.

3. We will alert you as soon as we can operate our Bank Account and issue you a tax deduction receipt.

4. For the new Board and the many changes and challenges that lie ahead.

Fred & Lorna Morris, Directors