Manna for Children Report

A brief report by Pastor Umba wa Bondo Kazadi, in D.R.Congo I need to thank so much all the Manna for Children supporters, because Since I had begun to translate these series of Manna for children, many of these booklets had been printed in Kiluba and Swahili, and these items are distributed to various poor children, especially orphans, kids streets, and few of these copies had been sold to Primary Schools and Churches with a cheaper prices with the aim to reach many children to our Lord Jesus Christ in various places and in many isolated areas of this country where these two languages are spoken; for that reason I thank you once again and I encourage you to continue to support Manna Publications, when you do so, you are spreading with us the spiritual seed in many people!

Feliciano, met Christ through Manna for Children at age 13

This girl Feliciano, with her 13 years met Jesus Christ through reading and coloring the Manna for Children in Swahili, The Lantern . Hundreds of these copies had distributed in her school of the displaced children. These literatures are helping many kids to find the meaning of their spiritual life. So, your support to these ministries is not vain because our Savior and Lord Jesus is found with many children through reading and coloring these booklets as this pretty girl.

Murkano, reading the coloring book

In the Orphanage known as Hope, this boy named Mukala had experience the conversion in Jesus Christ as his own Lord and Jesus through the reading of the Captive Maid in Swahili, this orphanage is situated 600 Km far from Lubumbashi, the second town of this country. So, see how our Lord is continuing to touch lives of many of these vulnerable kids though these wonderful literature. This literature destined to Children is taught every Sunday in Orphanage and every Saturday to the Street kids in various areas, especially in rural areas and in town as well.

Another girl named Fagelle Ina went in the same way as these others kids, she is a street kid, through the Captive Maid, she had learnt how to share the Good News with others kids, after her conversion is now support by the Christian Brethren Assembly, so can you imagine how these literature is helping many children to find the Eternal life in Jesus Christ?

another child reading the gospel in a coloring book So, please! Pray with us so that our Lord may continue to ouch live of many Kids through these materials. May our Lord give you a burning heart to serve Him through support these ministries for the salvation of many lost kids! Let us read Matthew 18:14.