Manna for Children
Comes of Age!

News from Fred and Lorna Morris
April 2010
girls colouring intently

Change was inevitable! Fred is 86 this year and Lorna 83. You prayed; we prayed! And the Lord raised up a man to take over the responsibility of building Manna Publications (USA) Inc. in ways and places we have not been able to do. He is Larry Crabtree with wife Sally of Jefferson City, Missouri.

At its annual meeting here on March 24, the Manna Publications Board adopted Larry as the new Executive Director. Larry has a banking background and a deep love for the Lord. Moreover, he feels called of God to open Latin America for Manna and has already made a lot of good contacts. He leaves in April for Guatemala where he has many contacts and needs to find a printer and distributors for the Spanish books he has had translated.

So what do we do next? Holding and developing more Manna for Children Bible story coloring books.

Some years ago a brother said, "These little books will go into more places and be used by more people than the commentaries Fred has written." He was right. The demand and the requests for funds to help print Manna for Children come almost daily from every corner of the globe.

When we lost our elderly artist a year ago last February, the bottom seemed to drop out of everything, especially for Lorna who was creating the text and approving the drawings. She did this, with the help of Dr. Roger Green of Dallas. We finished ten books. MOSES was left unfinished.

looking ove rthe shoulder of a girl in India, colouring her picture intently Children in India coloring their books

I hope we can show you some more of the lovely pictures of the children learning stories from the Bible while they color the books. And we will share some of the testimonies that come with them. (For security reasons, we can't always tell you where the children are).

WANTED! We have been looking for an artist to finish MOSES ever since, and we think we have found one! This is something we need much prayer for. Lorna has the 16-page outline for two more children's books. One is "From Rags to Riches" - the story of David. The second one is "Jesus feeding the 5000" - the little lad giving all he had to Jesus. A line artist is desperately needed to illustrate these pages. Lorna can do some drawings herself, but needs help drawing faces and the expressions on them that tell the story. Maybe you already know someone who could help us reach even more children for Jesus.

Both of us fight pain and need your prayers. Lorna has arthritis in her hips and back. Fred has arthritis and his Parkinsons is getting worse. Your financial help since 1993 has enabled Manna Publications spread across the world - we are being published in 32 countries and 27 languages. UK has joined in since 2000! We could not have done it without you and the faithful prayers of God's people.

In you wish to invest in the children's lives financially, please make checks payable to Manna Publications (USA) Inc. Mark Manna for Children and mail to 1130 Highlands Place, Apt 205, Harrisonburg, VA 22801. Thank you.