Manna Publications (USA)

News from Fred and Lorna Morris

June 2010

May 23 was Manna Day for our Sunday School class. Mary and Lou organized our SS room to fit in 50 chairs, two tables of books and some posters. Doug Sensabaugh showed the Power Point. Lorna gave some history of Manna for Children and Fred pictured the work in S.E. Asia. Our SS class has been such a blessing for us for many years. We can send you a copy of the Manna Power Point presentation and books to display if your SS class wishes to have a "Manna Day."

THINGS HAVE CHANGED! Our last issue of Manna Matters told how we met Larry Crabtree through is work in Cameroon, West Africa. In December Larry came from Jefferson City, MO, for several days to meet us and learn more about Manna. In March the Board appointed him to be Director for Manna in Latin America. Larry has a burden to teake Spanish Editions of our books to Guatemala. On arriving home, he believed God wanted hom to be an Independent Distributor for Manna Publications in Latin America. He asked permission to distribute books through his own organization. He took what he had ready to Guatemala in April and had a wonderful time. The books were well received by those eh contacted.

MANNA STILL MATTERS Doug Weeks has produced Manna Matters for the past two years, but has asked to be relieved of this task. Doug is frail and has Parkinson's Disease. His fingers don't work well anymore. It is said to see one of the best writers and editors we know drop out of the race. So we are trying to keep you up to date with this News Sheet, and the bits and pieces we get from email.

MANNA FOR CHILDREN It seems that everyone Larry met in Guatemala wanted Manna for Children Bible story coloring books - in Spanish! Pray for Spanish speakers to help us get the books translated, printed, and into the children'shands.

REV. ROGER GREEN from Dallas has been a great help to Lorna as they did the final draft of the children's books together. Roger has the gift for children's evangelism. He organized CSSM (Children's Sand & Surf Mission) - beach missions on beaches along the Atlantic coast in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. We were in Bible College together 60 years ago. Roger joined our Board in 2008 as one of our vital advisors in the area of children's ministry. His wife is very ill; please pray for Marguerite.

CAMBODIA here we come! A contact in cambodia, Kimsann, will translate Coming in the Clouds. She is busy most of the time; at other times she has little to do and will translate then. Two years ago, Kimsann went to Denmark for a six-week speakign tour. Now she is hope and wants to bless her people with Manna booklets. These seem to be gaining in popularity because they do not take long to read, they are cheap to produce, and we have about 50 of them ready to go.

Virginia Manson was a devoted Christian artist. She studied at Notre Dame College of Maryland, received a full scholarship to do graduate studies at John Hopkins University. She painted large murals for church halls and many can be seen in churches in the area. Virginia was the artist behind the Manna for Children's Bible story coloring books. We knew she was sick when she told us she often sat up on bed to do the drawings. Virginia went to Heaven in February 2009.

We miss her terribly, but know that thousands of children the world over are beling blessed by her drawings. Lord Jesus, thank You for Virginia. We desperately need a godly artist to take Virginia's place.

Special Request: Loknath and Rosie Manaen in Nepal have asked for prayer. Rosie and Lok both have severe physical problems. Lock came to Harrisonburg two years ago to check translations of the Prophets which others had done. He said Rose was his best translator. He stayed for two months. When he went back to Nepal he published THE PROPHETS and THE PSALMS. Lok had a heart attack when he got home and had to have a stint inserted. Since then, others have taken up the task of selling these books.

This month AY is going out from the UK with crayons for the children of the Chin Hills of SE Asia. She has 1,200 books waiting for her. The children will use the books as part of their school curriculum.

We can give each child three crayons, one dark and two light colors. This way eight children get three crayons each from a box of 24. Another way is to sit the children in a circle and put a plan of crayons in the center. Each child takes a crayon, uses it and puts it back in the pan, then takes another. After the coloring period, the teacher takes the crayons and puts them away.

If you wish to invest in the lives eof these children, please make checks payable to Manna Publications (USA) Inc. Mark "Manna for Children" and mail to:
1130 Highlands Place, Apt. 205,
Harrisonburg, VA 22801.
Thank you for your prayers and generous support.

Fred and Lorna Morris