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MANNA PUBLICATIONS (USA) October-November 2006

SIERRA LEONE- At last Manna books are being printed and sold in Sierra Leone, West Africa, a country once racked by civil war. I understand they are doing quite well. Jusu Sawi, Director of Christian Literature International and Paul are friends of mine and I work with them often. I'm praying that the books will do well so that all the available titles will be printed.

ZAMBIA - Leonard Chibende wrote, "God has continued to bless us in the Literature Ministry. We have continued to have good sales of the Manna Bible study commentaries and Bibles. Even educational books are selling well. There is a rise in the sale of MARK 1, JOSHUA, DANIEL, REVELATION, TO WORSHIP GOD and ACTS. We are now praying and planning to print MARK part 2 and THE HOLY SPIRIT IN EPHESIANS. We now have Brothers and Sisters helping us in the promotion of Manna books in various places: Sr Elizabeth (Serenje-central), Br Simon (Mukushi), Br Teddy Chanda (Luapula). Please pray for them as they travel many miles to serve our customers with Christian literature."

UGANDA - "Greetings from Soroti. I have been a Baptist Pastor for 15 years. I am the Secretary of Teso Region covering 6 Districts in Northeastern Uganda. I have found lots of interest in Manna publications. They greatly bless me. Please give me more information. May God bless your work for the Lord." Sam E

GHANA - Enoch M. wrote: "I have printed THE TROUBLE OF JOB “the twi translation" The BEGINNING OF EVERTHING and HEALING FOR A BROKEN HEART. ISAAC AND JACOB is at the printing press. Honestly, things have been a bit slow because of the time I took to register my courses. We have been given both the course outlines of the various courses and the time table so I can now plan my time properly to keep a balance."

[Editor's Note: Enoch will study for his MA degree at the Technological University in Kumasi, Ghana. Please pray for Enoch, his wife Comfort and their two daughters Sharon and Faith.]

BURMA (Myanmar) - AY, also known to us as Ruth, had 500 copies of ACTS 1 Commentary printed in Yangon. Copies were given to Bible Schools and Colleges for the students to evaluate. Enclosed in each copy was a sheet asking if the students would pay 200 kyat (US .20) for a similar book. Responses were most interesting; 66 people wrote positive comments in English; 35 said the level of English was good. They represented over 35 churches and Bible schools, a good cross section of the Christian community. 57 % said they would pay 200 kyat for a similar book and 43% said they could not pay. People in Myanmar are very poor. Typical comments were:

"Please keep on printing this kind of book"
" It is a very helpful study."
"I believe God opened the way to receive your books."
"I like to read this English."
"Thank you for increasing my Bible knowledge."
"Thank God that you gave us this study."
"The book is very suitable for my study."

INDIA (Northeast States) - Few people know anything about this part of the world - Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam, West Bengal, etc. The Lord is opening these "closed" lands to us and raising up people to translate and print Manna books. The latest contact is Rev. Khawsiama from Mandalay, Burma who is a Mizo speaker and has translated MARK 1 into Mizo. Pray that he will find help to prepare his translation for the printer.

NEPAL - Loknath Manaen has been translating Manna Old Testament Bible study commentaries into Nepali. His father, now 84, lives in Minneapolis. Loknath would like to come to the USA for 3-6 months to be near us to "pick our brains" and make his work more complete. Please pray with us for the Lord's will to be done. He has a visa, but will need a quiet place to stay somewhere near to us.

UK - It was a great joy to welcome DAVID and JENNY PAGE from UK who visited us from September 29 - October 5. David is editing Fred's Bible study commentaries into more controlled English suited to teachers and students of English as a Second Language (ESL). David spoke at meetings every day. Please pray for lasting "fruit" from these meetings and new contacts.