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We are not necessarily recommending these sites for donations; just suggesting that you might find them interesting because they are also literature ministries. Some have special ties to our ministry. - Our sister site that prepares our books in formats ready to be used in any other country for printing, or, since they are written in easy English with all North American idomism removed, they are easy to translate into another language.

Media Associates International - encourages and trains believers in third world countries to write and publish Christian literature in their own language and cultural idioms. This goes a long way to helping out the great need of Christian books they can understand and afford. - The Spanish/English site of Larry Crabtree, a friend of Manna Publications, who has a special burden to provide easy-to-read Spanish commentries in Guatemala. He has even gone to give workshops to pastors to show them how to best use the commentaries in their churches and regions.

We thank these sites for linking to our site.

As a 503 c non-profit, gifts and donations are encouraged and may be sent to:
Manna Publications,
436 Sandlewood Dr NW,
Carolina Shores, NC 28467-1850.

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