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Read-and-Color Books

NOTE: We now have Read-and-Color Books in Arabic and also in Spanish!

(Three Arabic books are further down on the Childrens page).

The Powerful Lantern (Holy Bible) - cover

The Powerful Lantern - The English version of this story set in Africa, about a family's discovery of a lantern powerful enough to show them the sin in their lives. It was more than they had expected, both in the physical lantern and the spiritual one.

Charlie's Ants (cover)

Charlie's Ants - This story is about a boy looking for a way to communicate an urgent message to his colony of ants.. As with the others, this PDF file is for printing copies with your home printer. If you should wish to printer larger quantities just contact us for the PDF that is right for taking to your local printing house.

The Greatest Book in the World

The Greatest Book in the World - in just 15 scenes or vignettes, the story of how God gave His message in a book to the world is shown through coloring pictures. Again, the PDF is set up to print the pages on your printer, or to take to a print shop for a larger quantity for distribution.

You may experiment with printing out the books. Simply right-click (with the right-side of your mouse), and click on "Save image as" to save the PDF file to your computer. Or, if your computer allows, open the file by left clicking on it and printing from your PDF reader.

Note that these are large PDF files. They will take 15 - 30 minutes to download if at high speed, longer if you are on dial-up.

Manna Publications would like to know if you use these books with any group of children. We would much appreciate it if you would use our contact form to tell us about your plans and how the books were recieved. Thank you.

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NOTE: Elizabeth Long, Florida, is now in charge of the Manna for Children, Spanish Editions. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, Central or South America - either alone or as a short-term missions team - you should contact us for a connection to Elizabeth as she can supply you with Spanish editions of our Manna for Children and the Read-and-Color books. These are great for distributing to the poor children who don't often get a colouring book. In this case, they have a Bible story as well!

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