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Manna for Children

Manna Publications offers a small library of children's books which are free to download and very easy to print on small printers or photocopiers download the PDF of printing instructions and produce as many as you need. You may print them out for your own children at home, or for use in Sunday Schools or Bible clubs. Especially children who seldom have access to books they can enjoy and take home. Many are used in third world countries where the opportunity to also supply the crayons gives even greater enjoyment.

The advantage of these books, are that a teacher can tell the story, then let the children each color a booklet that they get to take home. It will help them to retell the story to others, and thus reinforce it into their own minds and hearts.

You can see larger copies of the sample pages HERE.

Jesus is Alive -(cover)

Jesus is Alive! - is a very important book for children all over the world to read and become familiar with, for it contains the story of Easter and emphasizes that He rose again from the dead and is certainly alive today. This book has been set to the A4 paper size to make it more convenient for home-printers, but to produce the book for publication, you should contact us for the full-size manuscript file.

Wise Men Seek Jesus (Christmas story)

Wise Men Seek Him - The Christmas story from the Bible told simply with pictures for children to color. As with the others, this PDF file is for printing copies with your home printer. If you should wish to printer larger quantities just contact us for the PDF that is right for taking to your local printing house.

Timothy -(cover)

Timothy - is the young man in the Bible who was taught by his mother and grandmother to know the Scriptures and to love the Lord. He ended up serving as a missionary and pastor. Timothy is a great example for Christian children who want to grow in faith and obedience. This book will help children consider serving in ministry when they grow up.

Samuel - read-and-color book for children

Samuel - was a special boy, born in answer to his mother's prayers. In turn she gave him back to God to serve Him in the temple. He learned to listen to God, who called and spoke to him at night. This story will teach children to listen for God when He calls to them personally.

Naaman and The Captive Maid

The Captive Maid - is the story of Assyrian Captain's healing because a little slave girl told his wife of the man of God in her home. As a result of her faithful witness this heathen captain was healed by faith and obedience to God's command.

You will also want to see:

Index of books for Children for a more complete download list, and the Read-and-Color books

Reminder: we have simple, easy to follow printing instructions.

Note that these are large graphic PDF files. They may take 15 - 30 minutes to download if at high speed, longer if you are on dial-up.

Manna Publications would like to know if you use these books with any group of children. We would much appreciate it if you would use our contact form to tell us about your plans and how the books were recieved. Thank you.

NOTE: Elizabeth Long, Florida, is now in charge of the Manna for Children, Spanish Editions. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, Central or South America - either alone or as a short-term missions team - you should contact us for a connection to Elizabeth as she can supply you with Spanish editions of our Manna for Children and the Read-and-Color books. These are great for distributing to the poor children who don't often get a colouring book In this case, they have a Bible story as well!

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