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Bible teaching commentaries written by former missionary Fred Morris for personal study or in groups. Written in easy-to-ready worldwide English to aid understanding and to speed up translation into other languages. These titles are in ready-to-print A5 format comprising approximately 40 pages each. For on-line reading or large print versions visit: which also provides commentaries in easy French..

Acts - Part 1 chapters 1-12
Acts Part 1 -chapters 1-12

Acts- Part 2 -chapters 13-28
Acts Part 2 chapters 13-28

Exodus 1
Exodus - chapters 1-20 Moses, Part 1 Birth of a Nation

Exodus - chapters  part 2 Exodus - chapters 21-40 Moses Part 2. Growth of a Nation & Summary of Lev. Num. &aamp; Deut. Genesis Part 1
Genesis (Chapter 1-11) Beginnings: The Origin and Purpose of Life

Gensis Part 2 -
Genesis (Chapters 11-21 Abraham: The Father of All who Believe the One True God

Genesis Part 3 ch 22-34
Genesis (Chapters 22-34) Isaac & Jacob: Family, Faith and Failure

Genesis Part 4
Genesis - Chapters 35-50 Joseph: The Son who was Servant and Saviour
Mart - Part 1
Mark 1 - chapters 1-8 The Early Teachings of Jesus Christ: The Good News told by Mark
Mark Part 2
Mark 2 - chapters 9-16 The Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ
Romans Part 1
Romans - chapters 1-8 In Christ Alone: Paul’s Letter to the Roman Church Part 1
Romans Part 2
Romans - chapters 9-16 Living In Christ: Paul’s Letter to the Roman Church Part 2

Amos - in Bible Study series
Amos - Books of the Bible series.

A New Edition is in Preparation
1 Corinthians - Books of the Bible series.

Second Book of Corinthians -book study
2 Corinthians - Books of the Bible Series

Ephesians - Bible study commentary

A study of the minor Prophets (short books in the New Testament)
Minor Prophets (Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Nahum, Micah)

There are more Bible Commentaries available on our sister site, There are 12 in English and 8 in French, with more added from time to time. Six Spanish commentaries are offered too, on

Remember, you may download these books to use for the glory of God, without paying for them. (Left-click to open in your PDF reader, or right-click to save the file to your computer). Please do drop us a note, if you are going to print and publish for distribution in your own ministry.