Charia (You) Our

Everyone listening on the dump on Christmas Day

Charia You is married to Thearith Our. They have one small daughter.

She and her younger sister Mariane, work as programmers at TWR World Radio in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. On the side, Charia is an evangelist, travelling the bush country of Cambodia and visiting listeners and the churches they attend.

In addition, she was the founding member of the Jehovah Jireh Center which ministers to children and their parents who eke out a living scavenging at the city dump. The Center is a beehive of activity, with many volunteers. It seeks to provide after school tutoring, medical help, and fellowship for the children, most of whom never saw a book before the Center opened.

Charia explaining about the Christmas Gifts

At Christmas and Easter they provide goodie bags with soap, bread and a Manna Bible story coloring book to each child. Charia wrote, “With the funds you sent I was able to print 1,700 books of the Easter story. The books were given to the children at the dump, to 900 children at 4 different churches in Banteaymeanchey province. The rest of the books, I will send to my young listeners around the country. The children love to read and color the book so much. I wish that you were here to see them.