Pastor Kazadi Report
from the Congo - Sept 2009

Excerpts from Pastor Umba Kazadi, Congo:

Pastor Kazadi lives in the far south of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He loves to take the Manna for Children Bible story books with him when he travels through the country. Each time he visits many churches and orphanages . Recently, he was very happy to be able to do this twice, once in July and once in August.

More exciting are the stories he sends back of the children and how they have responded to the message of the books.

He wrote, "When I arrived in Mulongo, and after the Bible leadership conference, I shared the Bible story WISE MEN SEEK JESUS with the children in Mulongo Mission Hospital. These children come from a wide area, up to 400 Km from the city. The children were so interested in the books; and the adults wanted to read them, too. Some helped their children to read the story."

A young boy, Raymond, received Jesus Christ as his Savior. He read WISE MEN in Swahili, his native language. On page 15 he got the message - In that picture Jesus is with the children. The words tell us Jesus did not want Herod's throne or his palace. Jesus wanted his heart. The Bible text is "Seek Him with all your heart." (Psalm 119:2).

At the Kilela Balanda Orphanage the children also enjoyed the books. After reading and coloring their books, the children asked many questions about the number of wise men, what nation they came from and their names. One girl told Pastor Umba, she did not live in the days of the wise men, but she could still be one of those who gave Jesus presents.

On another trip, Pastor Umba had the book TIMOTHY to give to the children. As the children eagerly colored the pictures, Pastor was surprised to see one little boy crying. The boy's tears fell on the page. Pastor Umba went over to see what was wrong. The boy was looking at the picture of the religious rulers with a mob of wicked men at Lystra (page 9). There they are threatening the preachers, Paul and Silas, with sticks and clubs and chasing him out of their town.

Another boy saw how young Timothy helped an old man. Then he said to the Pastor, "I have a little money I want to contribute...." The boy put $1.25 in change into the Pastor's hand.

Another lady was inspired to start a Sunday School class using the books.

Similar stories are being repeated all across Africa and Asia. Wherever the word of God touches hearts, it leaves an indelible impression and moves people to serve the Lord.