Manna News Flash - February/March 2009

UK - Peter Skinner and the team are just back from Ethiopia. Forty-seven copies of Acts (2) were sold at Awasa, a very poor part of the country, at 5 birr per book.= $.50 each. The team met many converted Muslims and heard many stories of how they came to the Lord. One lady had led many to Christ.

However, the sagging currencies are causing concern everywhere we print books, making it more difficult to keep them affordable. Peter received an email from Moti who has started translating Manna commentaries into Oromiffa. This is the language spoken by the Muslim population. Believers from a Muslim background need to be encouraged to study God's word. The. cost of translation along with everything else has risen.

KENYA - Angie, a Bolivian missionary to Kenya, is working with the Manna for Children series of Read-and-Color books based on Bible stories. She is having them translated into Arabic and Somali. Her Kenyan artist did most of the drawings for THE STORY OF THE FLOOD. Lorna's artist filled in what is missing - it was seamless.

Please pray for our wonderful Virginia Manson, the artist who lives in the next town to us, She is not well. Lorna says Virginia is indispensable in drawing the Bible stories for the Manna for Children books. Despite health problems, both of them continue to produce these Bible stories for the children. Lorna said she wants to have a series of at least 12.

SOUTHERN SUDAN - Jan King from UK is another gall working in literacy. She teaches women literacy in six-8 week sessions in Sudan. After several weeks of teaching, Jan reports: "After the first rather chaotic few days,things have settled well into a routine. All the new ladies (23 of them) are now fitting in well and making progress in many ways. Some from Upper Nile, who don't have the same standards of cleanliness as the others, are learning to keep themselves and their bed in a much better way. Some who came late to everything have really improved in their time-keeping. Some who found it difficult to sit in a classroom for 45 minutes, are much more settled. Others are learning to say 'Please' - most of their languages don't have such a word!"

Jan managed to sit with each woman and get their story, through a translator. She was amazed to hear what they have been through during the war years. The upcoming Ladies' Sports Day, is something they always enjoy.

The women are all making progress in their English classes, Helen and Huda just cannot get the hang of reading. Please pray for these illiterate women and their tutors. This week the whole group will be studying Child Care, the role of the Pastor's Wife and Children's Ministry. These lessons are conducted in local Arabic and Dinka, one of the languages of southern Sudan. The trouble is that six of the students don't really understand either of these languages, so they are having a hard time. But we just cannot have multiple translations going on - It takes a long time with many interruptions.

Please pray about the general situation in Sudan. Recently the International Criminal Court confirmed that they want to arrest President Bashir. This has made the whole country more unstable,

ADMINISTRATION - We are encouraged to report an answer to your prayers. A brother from Spokane, WA is interested In learning all he can about Manna Publications. He may join us and help us with the load of administration.

March 30-31 are the dates set for our Annual Board Meetings to be held here at Sunnyside. It is a heavy responsibility to accommodate the Board members, and a big commitment of time for them to travel here. Not all are able to come; and we will need to elect some new members. This needs your prayers.

Fred Morris